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Technologies are not just marking time. And now there are those, who did not see alive either the vinyl records or the magnetic tapes... Moreover, even the CDs are losing position giving way to the solid-state data carriers. It may look disappointing, but the current market trends demonstrate that consumers would prefer multi-functional, but low-cost solutions, even at the expense of quality and reliability. This situation forced many manufacturers to curtail production of the flagship car audio processors, denying those, who are accustomed to the best, the opportunity to create an uncompromising audio system in the car.

We decided to correct this injustice, and created our digital audio processor. What is such an audio processor? It is an electronic device with software that allows to control sound in a multi-channel audio system. The audio processor ensures the flexible changing of the signal channels routing, implementation of the frequency correction using the tunable equalizers and filters, as well as carrying out the temporary channels conditioning (which is inevitable, because the speakers are positioned at different distances from the listener).

Primarily we created the system for ourselves; however, the solution appeared to be so successful that we had to reproduce it first for our friends, and then for our acquaintances... So, meet the
CarDSP universal audio processor. Manufactured straight from the heart!


Meet novelties of 2017:

CarDSP 4x10 Tube - the processor with the output stage on triodes 6N28B.

1900 $ (Case, 8 analog outputs)

CarDSP 6D - 10 channel processor with the 6 channel amplifier of a D-class on Pure Path Digital technology.

999 $ (Case, 8 analog outputs)

Soon

CarDSP 4x10 Lite Digital Sound Processor

Car-audio multichannel processor based upon the 172 MHz ADAU1445 SigmaDSP using 56bit/96kHz signal processing; SRC4382 digital interface, PCM3060 analogue input, DAC on 2x PCM4104 and OPA2134 operational amplifiers.

Particular, comfortable and unobtrusive sounding with smooth tonal balance and precise settings allow to use a processor for the systems of any level.

CarDSP 4x10 Lite DIY Turn on Flash - there will be video

1х Analog linear stereo (balance/unbalance)
2х Digital Toslink (optical)
1х Digital SPDIF (coaxial)

1х Digital SPDIF (coaxial, 24bit/96kHz, 9/10 data channels)
8х Analog linear (unbalanced)

PCB size: 139х87 mm
Case size: 150x145x54 mm

650 $   (DIY, 8 analog channels)

CarDSP 4x10 Full Performance Digital Sound Processor

Car-audio multichannel processor based upon the 172 MHz ADAU1445 SigmaDSP with 56 bit / 96 kHz signal processing; SRC4392 digital interface, PCM3060 analogue input, DAC on 4x PCM1794 or 4x РСМ1795 (9/10 channels on PCM3060); OPA1632 differential amplifiers and OPA1612 operational amplifiers in the analogue output.

Accurate, analytical and super detailed sound with perfect dynamic and tonal balance, as well as with excellent resolution plus precision settings for the uncompromised systems (Top Hi-Fi/Hi-End)

CarDSP 4x10 Full DIY Turn on Flash - there will be video

1х Analog linear stereo (balance/unbalance)
2х Digital Toslink (optical)
1х Digital SPDIF (coaxial)

1х Digital SPDIF (coaxial, 24bit/96kHz, 9/10 data channels)
8х Analog linear (unbalanced)

PCB size: 139х137 mm
Case size: 200x145x54 mm

1020 $   (DIY, 8 analog channels)

CarDSP 4x10 Audiophile Edition Performance Digital Sound Processor

Car audio processor based upon the 172 MHz ADAU1445 SigmaDSP with 56 bit / 96 kHz signal processing; SRC4392 digital interface, PCM1808 analog input; DF1706 in the 8-oversampling mode and classic R-2R DAC.
AE20 version on PCM1702 (20 bit)
(9/10 channels on PCM5102); AD8022 operational amplifiers and the legendary OPA2604.

Familiar and recognizable for audiophiles sound combining timbres reliability, perfect focusing and localizing location with comfortable presentation and inherent R2R DAC

1х Analog linear stereo (balance/unbalance)
2х Digital Toslink (optical)
1х Digital SPDIF (coaxial)

1х Digital SPDIF (coaxial, 24bit/96kHz, 9/10 data channels)
8х Analog linear (unbalanced)

PCB size: 169х106 mm
Case size: 200x145x54 mm

1020 $   (DIY, 8 analog channels)

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Digital audio processors appear to be the major and, unfortunately, the essential component of a car audio system. This processor ensures carrying out compensation of the difference in distances from all the components of the audio system to the listener and the frequency division of different emitters’ bands, as well as the AFC correction (a car is not the most ideal place for listening to music). For this purpose the DSP should process the sound of several channels simultaneously performing millions of mathematical operations in real time. At the same time, the device obtains no margin for error; any failure would cause data corruption and, consequently, sound distortion.

CarDSP in Case That is why, we created a powerful and flexible audio processor for genuine music connoisseurs, from the beginning music lovers to the hard-headed audiophiles. Our solution is based upon the ADI manufactured fully programmable single-chip digital processor operating in the double precision mode, which ensures 56 bit internal calculations accuracy. In order to minimize the impact of rounding errors upon the sound, the processor processes the signal with the 96 kHz sampling frequency; and to ensure greater stability, we employ the master crystal thermal stabilization oscillator with the 20 ppm stability (almost all automotive processors obtain the clock accuracy of 100 ppm) and low jitter up to 1ps.

An important function of the processor ensures establishing connection with different sound sources. We propose three digital inputs with various interfaces and one analogue input providing easy integration within the car systems (navigation, hands-free communication / phone, etc.), which is 24/96 digitized. The digital inputs are organized using the high quality TI ASRC combo chips with the Jitter-cleaner function: THD + Noise - 125dB with the Lite version and -140dB with the Full and Audiophile Edition versions.

The DAC with balanced output is employed for accurate digital-to-analogue conversion (Full and Audiophile versions are using the current output), which ensures a wider dynamic range with less distortion. Single-chip 4-channel PCM4104 (118 dB Dynamic Range, 110 dB Channel Separation) in the Lite version, 2-channel PCM1794 (129 dB Dynamic Range, 123 dB Channel Separation) in the Full version (or PCM1795 32-bit analogue), the legendary BiCMOS Sign-Magnitude Burr-Brown PCM1702 (Dynamic Range >112dB) with the DF1706 digital filter (Passband Ripple: ±0.00005 dB) in the Audiophile Edition version.

PCM1700-88 dB-74 dB108 dB
PCM1702-92 dB-82 dB120 dB
PCM1704-92 dB-83 dB120 dB
PCM4104-100dB-84 dB119 dB
PCM1794-108dB-98 dB127 dB

Case for CarDSP The analogue part consists of the Linear Phase Multiple Feedback filter of the symmetric topology third order. The use of such low-pass filters after the DAC ensures excellent pulse characteristics, as well as smooth phase-frequency variation and group propagation delay. The filters are employing the NPO/COG capacitors with ultra-stable dielectric, low temperature coefficient of capacity and 2% accuracy, as well as the metal-film resistors of 1% accuracy.

Regardless of the version, processors are assembled upon the high-tech four layer board of the 5th precision class using the FR4 material (industry standard obtaining better characteristics, than the FR2 material recommended for consumer electronics) with exit pads coated with immersion silver (ImmAg).

Audio processor could be controlled in two ways:
CarDSP Case 1) Using the SigmaStudio software delivered by the Analog Devices, Inc. (option for advanced users familiar with the microprocessors programming);
2) By means of the miniDSP 2x8/4x10 plug in (acquired separately). The settings simple and convenient native graphical interface plus the processor support the volume remote operational control using the variable resistor*; or volume control / input switching / presets selection could be carried out using the IR remote control* (processor is tuned to respond to commands from almost any remote control device).

 * variable resistor and IR receiver are not included in the delivery set and are sold separately (specify completeness in the order).
By default, the processor firmware shall be updated to operate with the miniDSP plugin.

Also, any version could be delivered in the DIY (board in assembly) or Case (case with connectors) options.

MOST - TosLink adapter

To ensure convenience in integrating the CarDSP audio processor within the modern cars systems and to achieve the sound highest quality, we are offering services on updating the MOST-TosLink 'Trioma' adaptors.

CPLD для твика адаптера Триома Main differences are as follows:
- Musical stereo stream is not processed by the mixer and DSP STA309A volume control, which allows to avoid the signal additional excessive discretization.
- Another version is possible using the additional coaxial digital input with auto switching (when the signal appears at this input).

The music channel employs its own digital volume control using CPLD with 24-bit output (signal in the MOST bus obtains the 16 bits digital capacity, the same format is produced by the MOST – TosLink adaptor); this allows to expand the dynamic range and, as accurately as possible, present the signal with minimum rounding errors.

The digital input is using two precise clock oscillators, one for 44.1 / 88.2 kHz and the other for 48 / 96 kHz signals.

How to buy

All processors are assembled to order, after receiving the prepayment in the amount of 60% of the price of the selected configuration. Estimated delivery time constitutes 5 - 6 weeks from the date of receiving the prepayment. The price does not include the cost of delivery. In case of cancelling the order, which production started, 30% of the amount shall be withheld, as the compensation for expenses. In connection with the instability of the exchange rate, the prices are indicated in USD; and all payments shall be made in rubles at the exchange rate of the CBRF at the date of payment. It is possible to manufacture configurations with a fewer number of channels (4/6/8/10) or in different furnishings (for example, the LPF OU: LM833/NE5532/OPA2134/OPA1612/OPA1662/OPA2211/AD8022/AD8397/AD8512/AD8620/MUSES8920). In the basic configuration the three basic switchable digital inputs are installed. The fourth input (operating in the mixer mode with the main input) could be both digital or analogue.

For all inquiries please contact us by phone: (495) 762-0718 or at info@mobile–

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Important: we shall not bear responsibility for the Buyer's selection of product not satisfying the characteristics thereof; and we shall not bear responsibility for the misuse of our products. You are receiving the product “as is”; and we shall guarantee its performance (100% checking at assembly). All problems encountered as a result of self-conducted improvement and firmware replacement shall be eliminated at your expense. Guarantee covering the DIY version shall constitute 15 days, and the Case version - 90 days. Please bear in mind that due to considerations of obtaining the maximum sound quality, the processor analogue highway is made as short as possible without the use of separation interstage capacitors.

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